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Membership & Sacraments

We are a Sacramental Church – The word sacrament comes from “sacrifice” and we believe that it is Jesus who comes to us through his sacrifice, baptism, death, and resurrection. Sacraments are FREE gifts from God and have NO prerequisites. Jesus offers them to us freely through our relationship with Him. The Lutheran church has two “sacraments” – Baptism and Holy Communion and both are part of our worship services on a weekly basi


We baptize infants and adults. Baptism drowns our old sinful nature (original sin) and we are reborn as saved children of God, with the Holy Spirit dwelling in us. To quote the Small Catechism:
“It works forgiveness of sins, delivers from death and the devil, and gives eternal salvation to all who believe this, as the words and promises of God declare.”
We baptize infants because when we do so we promise to raise them as members of the Lutheran faith so that they will grow up always knowing Jesus on a personal level. So to ask a born and raised Lutheran “when did you accept Jesus into your heart?”… literally makes no sense because our children have always known Jesus. We were “saved” when we were given the gift of baptism. Older children and adults are baptized into the church membership after learning more about the Lutheran faith and their relationship with Jesus. This is a harmless and NOT time-consuming process.
Interested in a personal relationship with Jesus and Baptism and membership at St. Olaf? … Come see us!

Holy Communion/Eucharist/Sacrament of the Altar

From our catechism: “It is the true body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, under the bread and wine, for us Christians to eat and to drink, sacraments instituted by Christ Himself. In other words… Jesus is “with, in, and among” the elements of bread and wine (and grape juice). It is still bread and wine, but it has been blessed in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. From these elements we believe you are receiving the Grace of Jesus Christ and are forgiven of all your sins. Remember this: There is NO sin more powerful than the power of the Cross!

We have an “open communion table” which means EVERYONE is invited! If you feel inspired to receive the elements of Jesus body and blood… when then come!

Questions? Come and visit!

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