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What time do you close?

We close at 6:00pm sharp! – There is a $2.00 per minute late fee. Please be on time!

Can my child bring their own toys?

Your child may not bring items, toys or money from home. These things cause arguments among the children and some items are small enough to be choking hazards. Exceptions to this are if your child’s teacher has a scheduled share day.

What about lunches?

Your child needs to bring lunch every day. We do not heat up or refrigerate food. We have a lunch program that is available for your child for $5 per lunch. Please TRY to turn in your lunch orders before the first of each month so that we can order accordingly. Of course, same-day lunches are available but last-minute lunches are subject to change from what’s on the menu.

When do  I pay my tuition?

Tuition is due in advance of care. There are 3 payment options. 

Click here for tuition options.

Does my child need anything for naptime?

Your preschool child needs a crib size fitted sheet to cover their nap mat and a small blanket to cover their body. These need to be brought in a zippered backpack or bag. We must be able to completely close it. No pillows allowed. If your child needs to borrow these items because you’ve forgotten, please wash and return our loaners as soon as possible.

What do my kids need to wear and bring with them?

Clothes – Please send your child to school in play clothes. They will get dirty while learning and having fun. Also, your child always needs a spare set of clothes at school, including socks and underwear.

Shoes – No opened toe shoes or sandals are allowed. Socks must always be worn.

Can I schedule a tour?

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